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Arabian Sport Horse Stallion TLA Halynov
Standing   at   16.2   hands,   purebred   Arabian   stallion   TLA   Halynov   brought   size, tremendous   power   and   correctness   to   his   foals.   With   four   crosses   to   Priboj and   the   golden   Arax/Aswan/Salon    cross,   Halynov   could   not   help   but   produce athletic   ability.   The   Tersk   breeding   program   in   Russia   combined   the   best   of   the Polish,   Crabbet,   Egyptian,   and   French   programs   to   produce   big   athletic Arabian racing   stock.   Visit   our   Russian   Arabian   History   page   to   learn   more   about   the exceptional breeding program at Tersk, Russia. Offspring Performance in Race and Endurance Donna   Snyder-Smith ,   world   renowned   endurance   trainer,   author,   and   coach   to current World Champion Valerie Kanavy,  has written, Pico   Nightrider    (16.1   h),   who   was   the   first   offspring   of   this   Arabian   sport   horse   stallion   to   enter   racing,   broke   his   maiden race   at   Los   Alamitos   by   seven   and   one-half   lengths   and   was   subsequently   purchased   by   Valerie   Kanavy ,   the   World Endurance   Champion.   He   was   being   ridden   for   her   by   Kristen   Snook   who   did   an   excellent   job   of   rebuilding   his   trust   from   a very   unpleasant   experience   at   the   racetrack.   They   finished   FIFTH   in   point   standings   for   the   AERC   Northeast   Region Featherweight   Division   for   1999!   Valerie   wrote   Bev   Scott   (well   respected   race   trainer)   after   one   of   Pico's   grueling   events, that   he   looked   as   though   he   had   not   even   been   in   a   race.   Although   Val   took   his   training   very   slow   (due   to   his   "less-than- wonderful"   experience   at   the   racetrack),   in   1999   (his   first   year   of   competition   with   Kristen)   he   finished   7th   in   the   very challenging   Biltmore   100.   He   finished   6th   in   the   FEI   Division   and   7th   in   the   AERC   Division   of   the   highly   competitive Cosequin   Challenge.   He   received   the   competition's   high   vet   score.   Over   Thanksgiving   1999   he   came   in   Third   behind   Jedi at the Carolina 100! Great job, Kristen! In   the   year   2000,   Pico   (what   an   ironic   nickname,   huh?)   and   Kristen   burned   up   the   trails   with   a   fourth   place   at   the   Hallelujah Benefit   National   Championship   Qualifying   Ride,   75   miler! A   dressage   trainer   located   near   Val   recognized   Pico   Nightrider's extraordinary    athletic    ability    and    purchased    him    from    Valerie    for    dressage    competition.    Valerie    had    also    purchased Halynov's daughter Halynova  for breeding. Becky   Hart   was   so   impressed   by   the   Halynov   daughter   Halyva   Filly    whom   she   had   been   training   for   a   syndicate   that   she went   out   and   found   one   of   her   own,   WOA   Maria !   You   certainly   cannot   get   higher   praise   of   a   bloodline   than   having   two world   champions   both   training   and   owning   his   offspring!   She   trained   Halyva   Filly   for   a   syndicate   and   reportedly   sold   the gorgeous and talented mare to a Princess in the Arab Emirate. Ernie   Lohman   took   Halynov's   son   WOA   Don   Juan    to   Second   Place   Pacific   SW   Region AERC   2000   Heavyweight   Division after   finishing   fifth   in   the   Pacific   Region   Best   Condition   standings   for   1999!   In   his   first   year   of   competition   he   was THIRD   in 1998   and   FOURTH   in   1999   in   the   Heavyweight   Division   for AERC's   Pacific   Southwest   Region!   In   1999,   he   took   third   in   the Malibu 50, and 2nd in the Charleston 75 as well as Best Condition in that race. In   2000   Ernie   started   out   the   year   with   Don   Juan's   6th   place   in   the   20   Mule   Team   National   Championship   100   Qualifying Ride,   moving   up   to   5th   place   in   the   Fire   Mountain   50   miler,   and   snatching   FIRST   place   AND   BEST   CONDITION   in   the heavyweight   division   of   the   65   mile   Gambler's   Special!   Way   to   go,   Ernie!   I   guess   Ernie's   not   a   sports   medicine   therapist   for nothing!   Ernie   told   me   that   Don   Juan's   P&R's   were   phenomenal   which   has   certainly   been   borne   out   with   all   of   his   BEST CONDITIONS! Two   of   Halynov's   sons,   WOA   Russian   Silk ,and   WOA   Halyva   Guy ,   were   in   training   with   Red   Shield   Equestrian,   home   of Tevis   Cup   winner,   On   A   High.   Red   Shield   prepares   their   racing   stock   for   lease   to   world   competitors   for   international competition. Frank was devastated when Halyva Guy met with a tragic and fatal accident on his first endurance ride. Another   Hal   son   placed   Third   in   point   standing   for AERC's   Northwest   Region   in   1999!   I   hadn't   seen   WOA   Centurian   since he   was   left   our   place   as   a   yearling!   We   congratulate   Rick   Kozol   on   his   success!   He   moved   from   29th   in   the   Prineville   50   to 14th   in   the   Limestone   Challenge   50   to   7th   in   the   Stookey   Stampede   50.   He   then   went   on   to   take   3rd   in   the   Bandit   Springs 50,   3rd   in   the   Santiam   Cascade   50   and   4th   in   Headwaters   of   the   Rogue,   4th   in   the   Oregon   75   miler,   and   2nd   in   the Kahnecta 50! Watch your backs! Claude   Brewer   purchased   a   Halynov   son   Hal   Bentfr   Leathr    and   reported   that   Ben's   babies   have   been   winning   in endurance   rides   --   not   only   winning,   but   also   selected   consistently   as   Best   Condition   at   the   end   of   the   meets. Although   Ben tragically   died   all   too   young   in   an   accident,   his   three   daughters   are   burning   up   the   endurance   trail!   One   completed   a   50 miler   in   5   hrs   and   28   minutes   with   a   48   heart   rate   on   her   first   time   in   competition!   The   second   daughter   was   2nd   for heavyweight    division    (for    non-endurance    riders    --    heavyweight    refers    to    the    rider/gear    weight)    in    the    National Championships,   and   she   had   the   second   lowest   heart   rate.   The   third   daughter   has   such   a   low   heart   rate   --   32   --   that Claude   feels   that   she   will   make   a   terrific   100   mile   horse.   Claude   has   the   distinction   of   being   the   only   one   from   the   East Coast who has successfully completed the Tevis TWICE!  As Donnis Thran once said of Halynov, "If you aren't riding one of his offspring, you'll be chasing them!" Donnis,   who   has   helped   many   endurance   and   sport   horses   with   her   laser   therapy   techniques   bought   Halpaso,   full   brother to Valerie's Halynova. Because   of   Halynov's   physical   prowess   and   Donna   Snyder-Smith's   high   praise   of   Halynov,   this   Arabian   stallion's   get   and now   grand-get   are   in   constant   demand   in   endurance   circles.   Halynov’s   son   Riverdance   demonstrates   the   same   heart   and athletic   ability   as   his   sire.   Like   his   sire,   he   has   the   talent   to   achieve   the   highest   levels   in   Dressage,   according   to   Dressage instructor,   Irene   Murphy.   A   wonderful   testament   to   Halynov’s   ability   to   pass   on   his   excellence   to   his   offspring.   Riverdance and Halyva Dame, his last daughter were Halynov’s last gifts to us. Halynov   in   Gold    was   Halynov’s   last   son   and   brother   to   Hal   Bentfr   Leather .   I   dug   up   my   old   video   of   Hal   Bentfr   Leathr   when Claude   called   me   about   all   his   offspring’s   endurance   ride   achievements.   The   true   greatness   of   a   stallion   is   the   ability   to pass   his   traits   on   to   his   offspring   and   grand   offspring   --   and   that   Halynov   has   done.   Please   look   at   the   News   and   Hal   Bentfr Leathr and Riverdance video pages to get a glimpse of what excellence Halynov passed on to his offspring.
Russia can boast of 3 things: Vodka, Caviar, and TLA Halynov! Show Record Show Record
"Halynov   is   one   of   the   most   beautifully   balanced Arabian   athletes   I   have   ever   seen   in   my   life. I was impressed when I saw his body... but when I saw him move... he took my breath away!"
16.2h Russian Bred Dressage and Race Sire Son of TLA Halnov starring in Spiritual Warrior Don Juan Completes Rigorious Endurance Event
Riverdance’s Sire
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