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Riverdance’s Sire
16.2h TLA Halynov
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Arabian horses are the most versatile of all the breeds, competing in  eventing/huntseat, racing, western pleasure, English and country English  pleasure, endurance racing, trail competitions, jumping, and even open  dressage. Not only do they demonstrate extraordinary athletic ability, but their  kind and gentle attitudes have made them horses that the whole family can  enjoy. And if you don't believe they're smart, just try to get them to do something  that they perceive as unfair. You do not ride your Arabian, you enlist their  cooperation! You are a team, a partnership.  Whispering Oaks Arabians, home of TLA Halynov (16.2h), has been producing  sport horse champions for race, performance classes, and dressage for over 15  years. Our Arabian stallion TLA Halynov's show record is impressive, Watch his  video below and then click on the button to learn more about Whispering Oaks. 
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Visit Halynov’s Tribute and Offspring  Pages and learn more about this  tremendous Russian sport horse  stallion, as well as view his athletic  pedigree, by clicking on the images  and links above. 
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Halynov’s first show: Hal wins in 4 Year Old Stallion at Del Mar.
Halynov is named 4 Year Old Champion Stallion at Del Mar.
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Halynov and Todd win Champion Stallion at Del Mar
Tribute to Halynov *Halycon Podsnejnik Salon
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