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Abu Farwa and *Bask Bloodlines

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Saracenjumpstreet Alfarwa  x Fifth Avenue (x *Eter  )
You   have   to   click   on   his   name   and   look   at   his   pedigree    to   see   the   wonderful   athletic   bloodlines, foundation   bloodlines   up   close.   The   beauty   of   *Bask   and Abu   Farwa   blend   to   give   him   a   lovely   head with   big   expressive   eyes.   He   was   part   of   our   family   and   a   favorite   riding   horse.   Our   girls   would   ride him   past   the   broodmares   to   see   who   was   in   heat   --   he   was   so   gentle,   he   never   put   our   girls   in   harms way,   just   talked   softly   to   the   mares.   He   was   a   favorite   of   our   friends   and   relatives   who   were   not   the best   riders.   You   would   see   them   hop   on   his   back   Indian   style   with   only   a   halter   and   lead   line. An   old soul,   totally   devoted   to   our   family   and   a   tremendous   producer   of   athletic Arabians,   as   can   be   seen   in the movement of the two daughters we have by him.
Arabian Mare
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